A LATE THAW (2015)


When Tara's boyfriend presents her with the perfect house, memories of a lover who died years ago seep into her waking life. It is clear that she must confront her past in order to move on, but can she? 


Running time: 14 min

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Starring: Helena Marie, MIchelle Boback, Lucas Chartier-Dessert, Kathleen Fee, Ivan Peric.

Directed by Kim Barr

Produced by Kim Barr, Co-Producer: Kathy Ann Thomas

Executive Producer: George Zarifi

Written by Kim Barr

Director of Photography: Benoit Beaulieu

Sound Design: Bruno Pucella

Editors: Genseric Boyle-Poirier and Kim Barr

AWARDS:  Goldie Award "Best Technical" and a nomination for "Best Writing", VISFF 2016 

STREAMING: Encore+, Canadian Media Fund, May 2020