An ambitious woman and a black man at the top of his game get stuck in an elevator on their way to the same interview. As the time for their interview elapses, their hard won facades crack revealing their humanity. 


Genre: Drama

Running Time: 12 min

Starring: Miranda Handford, Craig Thomas, and Carlo Mestroni

Produced by Miranda Handford and Kim Barr

Written by Miranda Handford​

Directed by Kim Barr

Director of Photography: Kim Barr 

Edited by Justin Lachance

Sound Design: Bruno Puccella


AWARDS: "Award of Merit", Best Shorts, USA, 2014.

                   "Best Short", ACTRA Film Festival, Montreal, 2016


BROADCAST: CBC Canadian Reflections, June 2015


STREAMING: Encore+ May 2020

FESTIVALS: Montreal World film Festival 2013; Toronto International Short Film Festival, 2013; Whistler Film Festival 2013; Victoria Film Festival, 2014: Be Film Festival, NYC, 2014; St John's International Women's Film Festival, 2014; Best Shorts, La Jolla, California, 2014, NSI Online Film Festival, 2016